Fitness To Your Faves Relay for Life fundraiser!

Hi everybody!

This year I am participating in Relay for Life with my team The Purple-bar-ba-loots. To help raise donations for our goals (personal of $100 each, team goal of $1,000 by May 17), I am holding a Zumba/Dance Fitness Fundraiser through Tumblr.

I have been creating dance fitness routines since the summer (check out some of my routines HERE—however they have been revamped since the videos were posted) and have been teaching a class since earlier this year.

So for a donation I will create a routine to ANY song you want.

$4 donation I will do a routine for the chorus

$5-10 I will create a routine for the whole song

If you are interested, message me with the song and how much you are willing to donate. To actually donate, visit my Relay for Life page HERE

All routines will be posted on my YouTube page and the donator will be contacted with the link. Thanks and let’s boogie!

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